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Microvolt Electronics has been bringing the worlds best components to Canada since 1991.This is a list of manufacturers that we are currently representing in Canada, as well as some basic information on the products that they supply. At the bottom of this page, you will find our contact information. You can visit our principal's websites by clicking on their logos.

ACCUBEAT: Rubidium Atomic standards at 1 Mhz, 5 Mhz & 10 Mhz with accuracy of 10-12 ppm, Frequency stability to 10-13 ppm, (Sine or square wave) for single or up to 20 outputs of 10 Mhz/ 1 PPS, GPS disciplined, 1 PPS inputs, High vibration/Low G Sensitivity, Rack mounted & Portable solutions.

API TECHNOLOGIES: API supplies a wide range of power and frequency control products. High Rel and Space Qualified Capabilities to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and H, Build to print Analog and Digital assemblies and sub systems, Integrated Microwave and Multifunction Assemblies, Custom Hybrids. Legacy Government Systems Support and Repair, Legacy Satcon Hybrids. Oscillators: VCOs, PLOs, DROs, Complex Crystal Oscillators / Sources (DCXO, VCXO, OCXO), SAW. Filters: Filter Design & Manufacturing: Coaxial, Cavity, Ceramic Band pass, Switch Banks, SAW, Suspended Stripline (SSS)Filters, Switched Filters. Amplifiers: Power Amplifiers, GaN, Low Phase Noise, High Linearity, High Dynamic Range, Limiting, Wide Band. Power: Space Power Products, Linear Regulators, Solid State Relays, Point of Load Power Devices. Additional API Products: Frequency Synthesizers and Sources, Duplexers, Multiplexers, Channelizers, Mixers, Power Dividers, Couplers, Phase Shifters, Comb Generators, Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receivers (IFMs), Digital Attenuators, Detectors, Thin Film Chip Resistors, Antennas and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Products.

CERNEX: Amplifiers (Broadband & Narrowband, LNA & High Power, NRZ & RZ Optical Drivers & Half Clock), MW Cable Assemblies to 110 GHz, Connectors, Multipliers, Converters & subsystems, Isolators and Circulators (Drop in, Coax, & Waveguide up to 110 GHz), Antennas, Couplers, Filters, Diplexers, Detectors, Loads, Tuners, Oscillators, Switches, Phase shifters, Transitions & Adapters, Mixers, Attenuators, Bias Tees, Limiters, Power Combiners & Dividers, Various Waveguide Products from 1 to 500 GHz. Commercial & Military Capabilities.

COOLING SOURCE INC: Heat sinks of aluminium, copper, steel, ceramic and plastic from extrusion, forged, casting, machining, bonded fins, folded fins, skived fins, stamped fins, heat pipes, cold plates, fansink, pelletier devices, liquid cooling. Finishes include Anodizing, Chemfilm, Irridite, Aludyne, Mill, Nickel. Thermal interface adhesives gap fillers, epoxy and grease. Plastic molding, CPU coolers, DC fans. Detailed thermal analysis.

LINX TECHNOLOGIES: Wireless transceiver modules operating below 1 Ghz with and without Protocols. Various antennas to 5.8 Ghz, single and multi-band, surface mount antennas.

Q-TECH: Hi-Rel QPL oscillators (30 different “Slash numbers QPLd), Over 35 years Flight heritage Space qualified Clocks to 150 Mhz, smallest Flight clock 5x7mm with 4 point mount Xtal, TCXOs to 350 Mhz with 18 years total freq error of less than +/- 3 ppm, OCXOs to 125 Mhz as low as 100mW power draw and noise floor as low as -180 dbc/Hz at 1 Mhz offset. Flight Saw osc, up to 1.6 Ghz. MCXO (Microcomputer compensated crystal osc) to 100 Mhz, < 0.1 watt, < 20 ppb, -160 dbc/ha @ 100 Khz offset. Flight parts up to 300K rads. High Temperature clocks to +225’C, MIL-PRF-55310 Level B Clocks and TCXOs as small as 2.5x3.2mm, VCXO as small as 3.2 x 5mm.

UNIPOWER CORPORATION: High-density, low profile and hot swap power solutions for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data storage, industrial and medical systems. AC/DC front ends, chassis mount AC/DC & DC/DC, medical switchers, hot swap multi output, rectifiers, DC/DC bus converters, DC systems, Inverters & inverter systems, power distribution & management & AC PDUs, system components and batteries. Standard, modified standard and custom products.

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